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Welcome to EVIS - Lithuanian state border crossing online booking system


Parking for up to one hour in the waiting areas in front of  Kybartai, Merdininkai and Šalčininkai  border check points, is free of charge.
Drivers are required to pay a fee if their parking time is longer. The parking fee is set by and paid to the owner or the lessor of the waiting area.
The parking fee is also applied to advance registrations in cases when drivers aren’t called to enter the border check point within one hour.
Starting from 16th January 2017 when making your reservation through www.ltsiena.lt website the reservation fee will be applied.
Fee for a single reservation is 5.00 EUR for lorries (including transaction fee 0.20 EUR) and 1.15 EUR for cars (including transaction fee 0.15 EUR).
Terms and Conditions for payment  and Refund Policy are described in the Terms of Use of EVIS.
Reservation in advance is not mandatory, it is possible to cross the border waiting in a general queue.
There are cases of submission of inaccurate or false data (inaccurate vehicle registration plate number, incorrect driver’s name, invalid driver’s phone number) while registering online for the crossing of the State border of the Republic of Lithuania.
Directorate of border crossing infrastructure under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (hereinafter – Directorate) has a right to cancel the reservation. The vehicle will not be allowed to enter the territory of the border check point at the reserved time and therefore will be allowed to enter only by general queue in such cases:
If the vehicle registration plate number: any letter, number or symbol, entered during the registration, do not precisely correspond to the actual plate number.
Directorate, while checking the accuracy of the data provided, has the right to cancel the reservation if the given phone number is invalid or does not belong to the person concerned.
The process of state border crossing depends on many different factors and therefore a concrete time for the invitation to go to the BCP may take place later than the time reserved by the EVIS user.
In the case of standstill of the border check point of the Lithuanian Republic or neighbouring country, vehicles, which are registered in advance for crossing of the state border, can be sent to the general queue to wait until the border control check point resumes activity.
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Registration for the queue of vehicles waiting to cross the state border of the Republic of Lithuania has been renewed. After the quarantine is announced in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, the traffic does not pass through the Lavoriškės border control point, therefore registration for passing through this point is not possible.


Queues and types


  • Pre-Reserve queue
    Allows the reserving of a border crossing time for a certain day and hour.
  • Priority Queue
    You will have to prove your right for a Priority queue slot at the border.
  • Live Queue
    Some part of border crossing point's throughput capacity is given for live queue, so pre-reservation is more preferred.

Where and how


  • Internet
  • At waiting areas



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